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Become a FANATEC COMMUNITY / SUPPORT AGENT for your country!

We are looking for motivated gamers who like to help us to promote our products and improve our customer relation services.

We want to bring the following benefits to our customers:

  • Get localized support by e-mail or telephone in your mother language
  • Minimize shipping costs and shipping time by sending defective products to local support centers in your country
  • Get support by the Fanatec team in your favorite forum
  • Save telephone cost and avoid problems with time zones
  • Get a personal response by a gamer who knows the product and cares about customers

In order to provide these services we are looking for people with the following skills:

  • General gaming experience with different genres which include racing and first person shooters
  • Excellent PC knowledge and familiar with Microsoft Vista and XP
  • Serious Know-How about the gaming consoles Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 (will be provided if not existing)
  • Excellent communication skills in your mother language and good English skills
  • Good technical skills in mechanics and electronics for simple repairs
  • High activity in forums
  • Flawless reputation in the community
  • Good availability by email. (Of course we consider times for holidays etc)
  • 100% Reliability is a must

These will be your tasks:

1. Avoid problems

  • Make sure the FAQ on and the manuals are up to date
  • Create FAQs in your mother language
  • Report all problems to the database so that the R&D department can analyze it

2. Solve problems quick and easy

  • Handle all incoming e-mails from your territory within 2 days
  • Check all assigned forums for technical problems of our products and provide an answer
  • Analyze the technical problems and try to solve it by email / telephone or by sending replacement parts

3. Replace products smoothly and fast

  • Receive defective products from customers who bought from
    the Fanatec webshop. All other products will be handled by our
    distributors. You will need some storage space for about 20 or 30
  • Analyze the defective reason if it was not already clear
  • Create a support ticket in our online database where you will describe all details of the case
  • Try to repair defective products
  • Exchange components
  • Ship repaired products back to customer
  • Collect defective products and make a combine shipment to our central warehouse

This looks like a lot of things to do but our defective rates are low
so we don’t expect that it takes more than one hour per day. If the
average working time is more than one hour per day we will hire more
people in your territory.

You will represent our company so we will only choose reliable.


  1. You will receive a sample of all relevant Fanatec products. *
  2. We
    will also take care that your gaming equipment is up to date and will
    send you selected games and even gaming consoles so that your equipment
    is similar to that of our customers. **
  3. Of course we pay all costs which are related to receive or send products to our customers.
  4. Assuming
    an average of 1 hour working time per day or less we will pay a
    compensation of 400€ per month. You will work as an independent
    contractor and write invoices to Endor AG.

We are looking to establish one Community / Support Agent for each of these territories:

  • Germany/Austria/CH
  • UK/Ireland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands/Benelux
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • USA (east)
  • USA (west)

If you are interested to become a Fanatec Community/Support Agent
please fill out the Community tester registration form and create a
profile on The more info you give us and the more detailed, the better.
We will make a pre-selection of suitable candidates and write to you in case we would like to have an interview.


* All Fanatec products and gaming
equipment sent to the Community/Support Agent remain property of Endor
AG and have to be returned at the end of the contract period.

** All Fanatec products and
gaming equipment sent to the Community/Support Agent remain property of
Endor AG and have to be returned at the end of the contract period.


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