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Fanatec represented in: GTPlanet-Poll: Which wheel do you use?

I just had to respond to this (until then) all Logitech responses poll, to let them know the Fanatec gen two is coming, and how happy I am overall with my beta version on GT5:Prologue on the PS3.

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[測試] Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Gaming Wheel [English]

My review on a foreign race sim forum where I am a super mod.

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Fanatec Porsche 911 turbo wheel review

SimRacingWorld a large community with simracers palying several sim racing games.

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German Virtual Racing Community - 911 Turbo Wheel Test

A beta-test in a the official virtual german rally championship community.

review in danish

This is my thoughts about the wheel (its in danish).

Discussion + test report in Porsche Fan Forum (PFF)

Discussion about the 911 Turbo wheel and community test report in the Computer subforum of the biggest German Porsche drivers community.
German language

VRL forum discussing the Porsche Wheel

VRL Forum discussing the Porsche wheel... in Dutch

Fanatec 911 Turbo wheel: Test

...a first look at the 911 wheel...

Exclusive! - Porsche 911 Wheel Turbo Wheel - Test Review!

This is my first posting of some information about the wheel.

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[Dossier] Volant 911 Turbo Weel

Premieres impressions après réception du Volant 911...

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